What kind of church is it?

We are a gospel centered congregation that exists to provide, protect, and lead our church and community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to be Christ centered in everything we do, say, and experience.

We are non-denominational, so whether your background is Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, or you are completely new to church, you’ll likely find someone at Resurrection Church with a similar story.

We have a partnerships with a local, Sojourn Network church and are working toward partnership with the national organization.

What if I’m not a Christian?

Resurrection Church desires to be used to connect non-church people to a body of biblical faith. If you don’t believe in Christianity, are burnt out on religion, or have been hurt by the church in the past, we hope to be a place of refuge for you.

Why another church?

In the Niceville area alone, there are over 27,000 people who do not attend or regularly attend a church gathering on Sundays.  So, on any given Sunday, about 85% of your neighborhood is at home, at the beach, or somewhere besides worshiping God.  And, many of these individuals will never step foot inside a church building.  Resurrection Church is here to provide, protect, and lead these people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Won’t you come help us?

Are There Ways to Get Involved in Serving and Leading?

Yes! Since we are in the early, start-up phase, we’re in an all-hands-on-deck season. Almost every one of our members also serves in hospitality, service, childcare, teaching, worship, and prayer ministry. We hope to help you identify your spiritual gifts and desires and give you the opportunity to use those gifts to the fullest.

What if I have more questions?

Come visit us on a Sunday morning or email Pastor Curt (